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  • Service Network and Commitments

    Sales Service  & Network Branches and Offices

    明仕彩票投注Synthesis maintains ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance System during operation and keeps improving its practice. In addition, the company made persistent efforts in the establishment of customer service network nationwide, and set up branches in Beijing and Shenzhen, as well as 14 offices in core cities across China. In other regions with its footprints, Synthesis signed with agents and jointly built up customer service center. Thus, a three-tier marketing and service system covering the headquarters/special projects, offices and channels has taken shape. It operates in strict accordance with requirements set out in Guide for Operation and Service of Customer Centers in a procedural and standardized manner, providing technical support and after-sales services, and responding to technical and after-sales requirements of users.

    Service Commitment

    SYNTHESIS always adheres to our business philosophy characterized by customer-centric, quality-first, service-first, empathy and win-win cooperation. Where there is a SYNTHESIS product, there is customer service offered by SYNTHESIS.

    明仕彩票投注 We have set up 400 free service hotline offering customers with 24x7 service。 Our customer can make a service request by calling our service hotline。 The headquarters customer service and local customer service form a two-level service system, providing comprehensive, professional, quality and convenient technical service to our customers。

    Service Hotline:

    400-6869-365    0531-86516365

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