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  • Synthesis Electronic Technology Co。, Ltd。(SZ: 300479) is a producer and service provider of ID authentication solutions specialized in developing, producing, selling and servicing smart ID authentication terminals and industrial application software。 It is now implementing the strategy of "from industry exploration to industry penetration, and from ID authentication to intelligent cognition"。 It has gradually upgraded itself into a one-stop international service provider offering AI-featured industrial solutions in the field of ID authentication。

    SYNTHESIS is one of the producers of ID card readers designated by the Ministry of Public Security. Over the past ten years and more, SYNTHESIS has upheld the operating principle of "market orientation and technical driving", successfully developing a number of smart ID authentication terminals and industrial application software with independent IPR. The solutions developed by SYNTHESIS have been put into batch commercial application in banking, public security, communication, social security, medical care and so on. For years, SYNTHESIS has been awarded with bids for the headquarters of the Bank of China, China Bank of Construction, Postal Savings Bank of China, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, etc., and has undertaken the security systems of the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, Hangzhou G20 Summit and more, thus making great contributions to industrial IT, real-name systems, social security and credibility system building in the country.

    Since being listed in GEM in June 2015, SYNTHESIS has used its technical ability and industrial experience to make R&D efforts in big data, cloud computing, AI and other new technologies. It has kicked off the strategy of upgrading ‘from industry exploration to industry penetration, and from ID authentication to intelligent cognition’ by focusing on deep-cultivation innovative solutions in the fields of mobile integrated terminals, quick payment, bank-hospital service-service terminals, computer vision, etc. After long-term pilot tests in many regions in China, these applications have grown mature and started batch commercial use in China. Some target users have started industrial penetration.

    At the same time, SYNTHESIS is also accelerating its presence in intelligent cognition and cloud services. As the first partners of IBM in the Watson cognitive computing and embedded solution agreement, SYNTHESIS works with IBM to use the world-leading Watson cognition computing technologies in an effort to build intelligent cognition solutions including industrial service robots, intelligent updating of self-service equipment and intelligent knowledge management systems, thereby helping clients in medical services and finance to build a commercial AI service ability based on big data and the industrial knowledge base.

    Following the strategy of optimization, SYNTHESIS will steadily implement its strategy in phases。 Internally, it advocates focus and craftsmanship, adheres to being driven by innovation and fosters internal power to secure growth。 Externally, it constantly integrates excellent HR, acquires and regroups quality enterprises, and links quality resources。 At the same time, SYNTHESIS is dedicated to industry exploration and penetration, data mining and accumulating a knowledge base。 It keeps constructing and promoting AI solutions for target industries。 While meeting the needs of its customers and generating value for them, it also pursues mutual win-win results and growth with its partners。 We sincerely look forward to your visit to SYNTHESIS for the purpose of building a partnership and creating glory。

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