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S-26K Image Checkpoint Video Analysis and ID Verification System

 Target clients: Security checkpoints, key areas, station entrances and exits, places of large events, etc.
 System Composition: Front camera + video analysis and ID verification platform.

S-26R Multi-functional Passenger ID Verification System

 Target clients: Civil aviation, railway, passenger station and highway security checkpoints.
 System Composition: Wall-mounted ID verification terminal + server-side management platform.

S-78 Taxpayer Face-ID Matching Authentication system

 Target clients: All levels administration of taxes.
 System Composition: Front end: Face capture module + application software + ID authentication terminal.     Back end: Management platform + face recognition modules.

S-59 Examinee ID Authentication System

 Target clients: Educational exams such as college entrance examination and adult college entrance exam, and personnel exams for professional title evaluation, professional skill certification and so on.
 System Composition: Acquisition terminal + mobile verifying terminal + integrated exam management platform.

S-55 Real Name Authentication Solutions for Construction Industry

 Target clients: Construction sites in all cities.
 System Composition: Front end: Information acquisition terminal. Back end: Real-name ID acquisition and authentication system + integrated monitoring platform.

S-27 Face-ID Matching Authentication System

 Target clients: Specific industries under public security administration: hotels, entertainment venues, cyber cafes, pawnshops, auto repair, bulk oil and used car disassembly etc.
 System Composition: Face-ID matching authentication terminal + Information acquisition application (including face capture) + face matching system + integrated service platform for online verification.

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