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People Oriented Technical Innovation

“People Oriented” has two connotations: on one hand, “top-ranking enterprise needs first-class talents”; on the other hand, it is important to show the maximum degree of respect and concern for employees. SYNTHESIS is committed to providing our employees a great work environment and platform with equal opportunity to flourish and create a brilliant future for them.

“Technical Innovation” means innovation in concept, technology, product and management. Innovation is the cornerstone for a product to outperform its counterparts and for a company to thrive.

Quality First Service Paramount

“Quality First” embodies the company’s pursuit for product and moral qualities. A product without stable quality is bound to be phased out, and a business having no respect for moral quality is doomed to fail.

“Service Paramount” is our standard of conduct for every employee. It requires us to be responsible for our customers unconditionally and to keep seeking customer and market satisfaction. And only with this can SYNTHESIS retain long vitality.

Perspective Taking Win-win Cooperation

“Perspective Taking, Win-win Cooperation” is an ideological fruit bred out of our years of successful operation。 When partnering with external parties, we should try to view a business from the partner’s point-of-view for a win-win or even multi-win situation; during intra-organization collaboration, different departments and employees of different rankings should develop empathy to understand and respect each other for the ultimate goal of productivity improvement。

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