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Synthesis Made Speech at IBM Forum 2017
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On April 11, 2017, Synthesis Electronic Technology (SZ: 300479), as the partner of IBM (NYSE: IBM) in the industry of electronics, was invited to IBM Forum 2017 held in Beijing and joined other partners and clients of IBM to discuss how cognitive computing and cloud platform technologies can help boost commerce and society. Dr. JING Kun, VP of Synthesis, made a keynote speech entitled Watson Makes Service Robot Smarter in the Forum.

Watson Makes Service Robot Smarter – Keynote Speech by Synthesis on Solutions to Intelligent Cognition

As the leading enterprise in China specialized in identity authentication, Synthesis signed agreement with IBM on November 17, 2016 and became the first company in China using IBM Watson Explore, WEX and its ability in analysis, reasoning and natural language understanding. Focusing on the long-term service industries of bank and healthcare, it concentrates on “intelligent customer service”, “physical service robot” and “intelligent upgrading of self-service devices” while working out solutions to intelligent cognition in a number of target fields, improving service procedure, lowering down human cost and upgrading service quality and efficiency.

According to VP JING Kun of Synthesis, “We started the strategy of upgrading from industry exploration to industry penetration, and from identity authentication to intelligent cognition. Just like IBM, Synthesis also instills thinking and continuous innovations in our genes. We will join hands with IBM and hope to use IBM Watson cognitive computing technologies to accelerate strategic upgrading of the company, work out the leading solutions in China to intelligent cognition, and facilitate development of commercial AI in the country.”

Focus on industrial clients by presenting intelligent solutions

In the exhibition section of case interaction, Synthesis and other IBM partners displayed the intelligent cognition plans structured by using cognitive computing and cloud platform technologies。 Sean, the Watson-based service robot developed by Synthesis for bank outlets made its debut, attracting many visitors to see or experience it。 The upgraded Bank-hospital self-service device, also based on Watson, has become the speaking robot that cannot walk, which makes human-machine interactions easier and more convenient。 Its ability of having rounds of dialogues represents the deep-development capacity of Synthesis based on Watson, giving deep impression on visitors。

Keep pushing forward in-depth cooperation and helping with strategic upgrading of Synthesis 

In the interview part arranged by IBM Forum 2017, VP SUN Tao and JING Kun of Synthesis, together with FENG Yan, Watson Sales Leader, GCG Analytics, were interviewed by the media. They discussed their partnership, effects and outlook on future cooperation. Mr. SUN Tao, VP of Synthesis, said, “Thanks to the one-stop technical service and support from IBM, Synthesis has taken the lead to enter the field of commercial AI based on its advantages in identity authentication business, gaining the upper hand in upgrading from identity authentication to cognition solutions. We believe that, through in-depth cooperation, we can work fast to build more one-stop industrial solutions in special sectors and segments so as to contribute to commercial upgrading and social progress.”

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