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Synthesis Electronics Successfully Participates in 2017 China International Financial Exhibition
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On July 27, 2017 China International Financial Exhibition commenced in the Beijing Exhibition Center with the theme “Stable Transformation and Finance Sharing Driven by Innovation”. As the main manufacturer of identity authentication in the financial industry, Synthesis Electronics displayed solutions in various industries to the public at the exhibition, including identity authentication, mobile integrated terminal, convenient payment, facial recognition (human-identity authentication) , intelligent knowledge management etc.

Maintain Leading Position in the Identity Authentication Industry and Expand Online and Offline Business Models 

Synthesis Electronics possesses extensive bank customer resources and its identity authentication equipment as well as industrial solutions have covered multiple major state-owned banks, the overwhelming majority of joint-stock banks, most provincial rural credit cooperatives and major urban commercial banks。 Various terminal equipment has enjoyed continual success in biddings for projects with the head offices of Construction Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications and Postal Savings Bank, thusmaintaining its  leading position in  identity authentication in the financial industry。 

The company actively responds to directions from the state and requirements from the industry. In June 2017, China Certification Center for Security and Protection organized a meeting in Beijing to evaluate the quality of identity card fingerprint sensor and application of fingerprint algorithm.A conference on product certification was also held to  promote identity card reading machines. Synthesis Electronics took the lead to complete and submit the inspection report on the foreigner permanent residence card authentication machine and fingerprint sensor. 

Internet identity authentication is also an area of emphasis for the company. By means of offline collection and online authentication, the experimental work which combines multi-modal biometric identification technology is progressing steadily. 

Value Incremental Industry Cultivates Industrial Depth and Scale, Technological Innovation Improves Service Capability 

Currently, the four industrial cultivation plans which the company is pushing forward include mobile integrated terminal, convenient payment, bank and hospital self-service equipment as well as computer vision。 Each plan is closely related to financial customer service。 Using the mobile integrated terminal and convenient payment at the exhibition as examples, more innovative elements, higher degrees of differentiation and technical threshold were on display, in comparison with last year。 

Till now, the mobile integrated terminal solution has won biddings or has been listed in five banking head offices, four provincial rural credit cooperatives or urban commercial banks. Through repeated communications and consultations with customers, it has become one of the most competitive brands in the mobile integrated terminal industry. Meanwhile, in order to adapt to different mobile financial service scenarios, the company has also developed multiple portable intelligent terminals for commercial application, which further enriches the product line. 

The convenient payment solution was upgraded from singular and small-volume platform to a aggregated payment system last year。 It currently supports Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, UnionPay QuickPass and a variety of mobile phone payment methods。 At the same time, it has standardized the two-dimensional codes, hence saving operational time and making it much more convenient。 Additionally, in combination with value-added services from the companys aggregated payment platform, users can view real-time transaction details and account summary through various channels such as PC, WeChat and mobile phone applications。

Accelerate Application of the Intelligent Cognition Industry and Implement Strategic Upgrading Plan

Since the strategic upgrading from “identity authentication to intelligent cognition” in 2016, Synthesis Electronics has taken the lead to adopt intelligent cognition analysis technology based on analysis of perception, reasoning and natural language comprehension. It has targeted the financial and medical industries with long-termservices for the  establishment of its three solutions:“industry service robot”? “intelligent upgrading of self-service equipment” and “intelligent knowledge management system”. The objectives were to reform service flow, reduce labor costs and improve service quality as well as efficiency . 

Based on in-depth understanding of the financial services industry, Synthesis Electronics has tapped on intelligent cognition and analysis technology to develop a finance service robot known as the lobby  manager, “Xiaoshen”, which has started its “service” in banks this July. It is capable of welcoming and guiding guests, VIP recognition, business consultation, financial advice, risk alert, intelligent alert, fun interaction, etc, so as to effectively relieve the pressure on bank personnel  and improve service quality. 

In the field of self-service intelligent upgrading, Synthesis Electronics will conduct organic integration between intelligent cognition technology and self-service equipment to ensure that the new generation of intelligent bank and hospital self-service equipment is capable of vocal speech and vocabulary comprehension, which will allow it to conduct fluent human-machine conversation based on established medical knowledge database for individualized services such as vocal medical guidance and health consultation。 Currently the equipment has been tried at a first-class Grade-A hospital 。 Subsequently, Synthesis Electronics will focus on self-service equipment for other fields, including thefinancial industry and conduct intelligent upgrading so that future human-machine interactions will become more relaxed and convenient。 

In the field of intelligent knowledge management, Synthesis Electronics has established  an intelligent knowledge management platform based on deep semantic understanding and intelligent text analysis technology across the industry. This platform is able to deliver prompt  customized deployment, accurate problem analysis and intelligent content search, so as to reduce labor costs and improve service quality. The platform is currently being tested in multiple locations. 

With the recent publication of the “Development Plan for a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Programming” by the State Council, artificial intelligence has been elevated to an important strategic position in economic transformation and has become an important driving force for industrial upgrading and economic transformation in China. With both “opportunity and “circumstance” in its favor, Synthesis Electronics will seize this golden opportunity of “transformation” to enhance the applications of the intelligent cognition industry and expand the scenarios for its application. The company strives to grow together with its customers and contribute towards the development of  artificial intelligence in China. 

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