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SYNTHESIS wins “Pioneer Award” in the finals of Watson Build Challenge in Greater China Region
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On September 20, Watson Build Challenge in Greater China Region entered its final stage. Five cooperation partners of IBM from various fields including medical, finance, logistics and tourism competed with each other in the finals. SYNTHESIS won the “Pioneer Award” with its commercial solution of “Watson+Intelligent Upgrading of Bank-hospital Kiosks”. It entered the play-off stage after being tied for the second place, to compete with players from other regions for the final seat to join the global championship.


During the preparations for the finals, SYNTHESIS completed the intelligent upgrading of Bank-hospital Kiosks based on its program for the contest and put into operation in a top hospital of Jiangxi. Unlike its program submitted for the preliminary contest, the commercial solution of “Watson+ Intelligent Upgrading of Bank-hospital Kiosks” has referred to customers’ feedbacks after coordination with the institution staff to ensure that it is more suitable for customers’ requirements and has received unanimous praise from the panel of professional judges.



The solution focuses on the breakthrough point in the medical field and employs man-machine interaction process based on natural languages as the core. It fully combines with IBM Watson technology to overcome the difficulties in some core issues, such as interpretation of natural languages, construction of knowledge base, dialogue exchange mechanism, etc. Through technical superiority and powerful generalization capability of Watson API natural languages treatment, it has realized deep semantic understanding of natural languages. With its ability to execute structural and parametric logical deduction, it can cope with complicated consultation questions in multiple rounds of dialogues, which can bring about better experiences for the customers.

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