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SYNTHESIS Business Artificial Intelligence Boosts Construction of Smart Policing Informatization
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On September 27, the 10th China (Jinan) International Information Technology Exposition was held as scheduled in Jinan International Conference and Exhibition Center. SYNTHESIS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly displayed “Jinan Policing Easy Search”, a service platform developed through joint cooperation. The platform became one of the highlights of the exposition. 

明仕彩票投注 “Jinan Policing Easy Search” was created on the basis of artificial intelligence and conducts in-depth integration of the main business information from Municipal Public Security Bureau, including household registration, automobile driving management, exit-entry administration etc。, so as to form a brand-new and convenient policing advisory service platform。 The platform consists of two parts, internal and external application。 Internally, it arranges and extracts convenient service information from the Public Security Bureau by means of data mining technology and artificial intelligence technology。 It also conducts systematic arrangement and presentation for information framework, so as to provide a smart internal training channel and fast searching method for the policemen。 Externally, it also provides unified access for business enquiry and multi-channel enquiry service for the citizens, which makes it more convenient for the common people to gain awareness of regulations and policies as well as business processes, realize the purpose of “data create convenience for the masses”, improve service quality while reducing the pressure on the policemen on duty。 By deploying a set of intelligent knowledge bases, the platform system can integrate various service resources, utilize unified search engine and logics of knowledge acquisition, meet the requirements of “unified service standard” and “unified knowledge source” in actual operation。 Service platform provides multi-channel enquiry methods including website, client application, WeChat and SMS, combines multiple technologies such as structuration, knowledge mapping, machine learning and smart searching to categorize the interactive big data into emotional analysis, knowledge classification and smart recommendation by means of big data analysis。 This greatly improves the smart level and efficiency of knowledge base in the Public Security Bureau and effectively reduce costs。 

Anti-terror and stability safeguard solutions developed by SYNTHESIS were also on display at the exposition。 They include human-identity authentication system at security check, mobile policing verification and management system, as well as business artificial intelligence solutions, such as industrial service robot, intelligent upgrading of Kiosks。 The human-identity authentication system at security check which is made up of gates and dedicated handheld terminals integrated with a software platform, has the ability to boost the anti-terror operations, railway security etc。 It plays a significant role in safeguarding social security, identifying key personnel and capturing suspects who have been at large for years, thereby proving itself to be capable of remarkable social benefits。 Close interconnection between business artificial intelligence solutions and industrial applications, advanced technology and fast business deployment have been approved unanimously by industrial sources。 

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