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“Xiaoshen” debuts at 2017 World Robot Conference
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On August 23, the 2017 World Robot Conference was held at Beijing Yichuang International Conference and Exhibition Center with the theme “Win-Win Collaborative Innovation Towards the Building of an Intelligent Society”. Sophisticated drones, special purpose robots, service robots, industrial robots and intelligent household robots were displayed consecutively. Synthesis Electronics displays its latest achievements in three fields of intelligent cognitive technology, including industrial service robots, smart upgrading of self-service equipment and smart knowledge management system. It exquisite designs, stylish appearances, advanced technology and comprehensive services have been highly appreciated by the participants. 

“Xiaoshen” Robot, Intelligent Service Expert 

Synthesis Electronics has always been focused on services for industrial customers. Based on its in-depth understanding of its customers’ businesses as well as its rich experience in industrial services, Synthesis Electronics is devoted to the application of Watson cognitive calculation technology in highly intelligent industrial service robots to provide multiple services such as identity recognition, guest guidance, business consultation, FAQ, fun interaction, etc, so as to effectively relieve the pressure on bank personnel and improve the service quality at bank outlets. After debuting at security and finance exhibitions, “Xiaoshen”, the industrial intelligent service robot of our company has also demonstrated its skills at a “contest” with its quick dialogue reaction and accurate answers, hence winning unanimous compliments from the participating audience. “Xiaoshen” has been successfully tested at Jinan’s bank network for months and has been successfully signed for sale for the guidance of medical services. Moreover, Synthesis Electronics is also able to provide customized service robots for various governmental services including taxation and social security. 

Intelligent Cognitive Technology that Enhances Smart Medical Services

Through Watson’s powerful capability of intelligent cognitive analysis, it can equip self-service equipment in various industries with “brains” to enable them to “talk and communicate”. Another intelligent cognitive business of Synthesis Electronics allows customers to realize human-machine interaction using natural language for easier understanding and operation. Synthesis Electronics is devoted to the completion of smart upgrading of intelligent bank and hospital self-service equipment and the provision of a new generation of intelligent bank and hospital self-service equipment for new customers in the field of medical service. Batch application has commenced in one of the Tertiary Grade A hospitals in Nanchang. Bank and hospital self-service equipment with smart upgrading can realize interaction with natural language and multiple rounds of situational dialogue, thus providing patients with an one-stop smart self-service process from self-registration, diagnosis to post-diagnosis, hence allowing patients to carry out self-services for the following: registration, card application, printing, queries and payment. In addition, it can recommend departments and doctors for preliminary diagnosis as well as provide healthcare suggestions. Meanwhile, Synthesis Electronics also hopes to cooperate with other self-service equipment providers to jointly push forward the smart upgrading of self-service equipment in finance, human resources, social security, taxation, etc. 

Build Industrial Think Tank to Take the Lead in Knowledge Management 

With the application of world-class Watson cognitive calculation technology, Synthesis Electronics is able to conduct analysis, extraction and understanding of huge volumes of structural / non-structural data accumulated through industrial application to achieve deep semantic analysis and integrated comprehension via powerful natural language understanding capability based on cognitive calculation technology. This allows it to establish itself as an “industrial expert” and help industrial users to construct smart knowledge management systems, including intelligent customer service, information consultation and professional decision-making. On the other hand, it also helps industrial users in public security, finance, communication, medical service, taxation, social security, etc, to provide their customers with smart “One-Window Application and One-Stop Service”. Currently, the company has jointly established smart knowledge management systems with industrial users including public security, social security and electronics manufacturers with substantial progress attained. In addition, the Phase I construction of police affairs think tank, which was jointly developed with the local public security system, has been completed and the smart customer service center, which was established with branch companies of a local enterprise group, has also realized online operation. 

In the future, Synthesis Electronics will continue to increase its investment in the R&D of intelligent cognition (commercial human intelligence), expedite industrial application and enhance the construction of an intelligent society. 

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