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Mayor of Vasteras City, Sweden and His Delegation Visit Synthesis Electronics
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On the afternoon of November 1, Mr. Anders Teljeback, mayor of Vasteras City, Sweden and his delegation, 7 persons in total, visited and inspected Synthesis Electronics. They were accompanied by Mr。 Liu Xuedong, vice director of Jinan Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Mr。 Bai Qiusheng, vice director of Administration Committee of Hi-Tech Development Zone. Mr. Anders Teljeback listened to brief introduction on development of Synthesis Electronics by Dr. Sun Tao in the products exhibition and customer experience hall. Dr Tao was the president on duty and they exchanged opinions specifically on the field of artificial intelligence research and program implementation by Synthesis Electronics. Mr. Anders Teljeback endorsed innovative products of our company, including computer vision, intelligent knowledge base and industrial service robot “Xiaoshen”, and engaged in a thorough discussion.


Vasteras City is both the cradle and the location of headquarters of ABB Company, one of World’s Top 500 Enterprises。 It is also the birthplace of the first robot in the world。 This time, one purpose of their visit was to further deepen partnership of both cities, discuss the potentials of bilateral cooperation in the fields of robot, intelligent manufacturing, medicare and education。 Synthesis Electronics is devoted to applying IBM’s world’s leading Watson cognitive computing technology to create intelligent cognitive solutions including industrial service robot, intelligent upgrading of self-service equipment and intelligent knowledge management system, to help customers in the industries of medicare, finance, security protection and social insurance build business intelligence services capabilities based on big data and industrial knowledge base. We expect to put in motion cooperation with Vasteras City, Sweden regarding the robot industry service application in the future.

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