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SYNTHESIS participated in the Information Innovation & Application Exhibition hosted by SDHRSS
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During October 15 to 17, 2017, the Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security held the Information Innovation & Application Exhibition in Jinan City. The exhibition was divided into several different parts: provincial-level platforms, social security cards and services, public services, business systems, basic platforms, and information overviews. 128 regional and municipal bureaus of human resources and social security as well as other cooperative enterprises introduced the application of their products and systems, as well as onsite experiences and panoramic displays. All visitors were introduced to exhibits that showed the integration, innovation and development for human resources and social security information construction in the era of “Internet+”. Han Jinfeng, vice minister of provincial party committee organization department and director of provincial human resources and social security department, Xia Luqing, deputy secretary of Party committee and vice director of provincial human resources and social security department, as well as other leaders attended the exhibition.

At the exhibition, SYNTHESIS displayed their innovative application achievements to the public, such as intelligent knowledge management systems, service robots and intelligent kiosks, etc. 

Intelligent knowledge management systems can conduct analysis, extract data and analyze the huge amounts of data being accumulated during the data extraction process. Then the system will provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis based on the system’s powerful internal computing language cognitive capability. This system creates an “electronic professional expert” to help the humans correctly allocate resources, protect social security and to establish an intelligent knowledge management system. This system can also provide “one-window application and one-stop service” for urban and rural residents.

“Sean” is the tailor-made service robot for human resource and social security departments。 As for 130 leaders attending the exhibition, “Sean” was able to accurately recognize them。 Its ability to understand human resources and social security policies also impressed all the attendees。 ““Sean” is multi-functional and has different modes such as VIP personnel recognition mode, individual account enquiry mode, policies enquiry mode and funny interactions mode。 ““Sean” can be placed in main halls of any human resources and social security department to provide constant and stable smile services to the public so as to improve the customer’s degree of satisfaction and reduce complaints。

The program of benefits eligibility authentication through multimodal biometrics adopts different methods including online and offline acquisition and authentication. It can ensure the authentication of human resources and social security to realize a leap from single artificial operation to intelligent information through whole-process coverage from “cloud” to “terminal”. When the first information acquisition and authentication is completed, citizens will realize the benefits and eligibility of this type of authentication. One can be authenticated anytime through face recognition on mobile phones. Currently, this program is being successfully tested online by using the human resources and social security department in the Gaoxin District, Jinan City.

Medical kiosks with elegant structures and complete functions are suitable for all positions in hospitals, which will solve the problems of limited installation spaces for large vertical kiosks. Nowadays, they have provided practical services for multiple tertiary Grade A hospitals including Shandong Provincial Hospital, Qianfoshan Hospital. Intelligent upgrading of Bank-hospital Kiosks and practical applications have also been completed.

SYNTHESIS is an incredible system used for strategic transformation and upgrading of intelligent recognition and cognition systems。 SYNTHESIS is devoted to providing integrated solutions for human resource and public security industries and strives to solve the “last-mile” problem for urban and rural residents。 In the future, SYNTHESIS will continue to strive to expedite the transformation and development of “Internet+” to a wider range and a higher level of causes for human resources and public security。  

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